Ballon Festival Barneveld, Holland Aug 2014

In aeronautics, a balloon is an unpowered aerostat, which remains aloft or floats due to its buoyancy. A balloon may be free, moving with the wind, or tethered to a fixed point. Many balloons have a basket, gondola or capsule suspended beneath the main envelope for carrying people or equipment (including cameras and telescopes, and flight-control mechanisms).

The Ballonfiësta Barneveld has a long history. In 1982 Barneveld remembered that it was exactly 500 years ago that Jan van Schaffelaar jump from the church tower so as to ensure his troops a free retreat. In that year (1982) balloonist Hans Zoet stood with the Barnevelder Ben Blass at the birth of the first Balloon Fiesta in Barneveld. Meanwhile, the year 2014 is the 32nd edition prepared.

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