Lujiazui Financial Zone in Shanghai

Lujiazui is a locality in Shanghai, a peninsula formed by a bend in the Huangpu River. Since the early 1990s, Lujiazui has been developed specifically as a new financial district of Shanghai. It is located on the east side of the Huangpu River in Pudong, and sits directly across the river from the old financial and business district of the Bund.

Lujiazui is a national-level development zone designated by the government. In 2005 the State Council reaffirmed the positioning of the 31.78 km2 Lujiazui area as the only finance and trade zone among the 185 state-level development zones in mainland China.

The Shanghai Tower is a super tall skyscraper (632 meters), the tallest of a group of three adjacent super tall buildings in Pudong district, the other two are: the Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center. See one of the photos with three skyscrapers next to each other on the slideshow.

The Moller Villa

The Moller Villa (马勒住宅), located at .30 South Shanxi Road in the French Concession area of Shanghai, China, is a colonial-era mansion. The villa was built by Eric Moller, a Swedish shipping magnate, in 1936. The distinctive design includes brown-tiled Gothic and Tudor gables, spires, and steeples.

In 2001, the Hengshan Group began to renovate to the villa, preserving its original architectural style. The building now houses a hotel and restaurant.